Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Dating the Federal DC's: Funtastic Toy Offer, 1986 Calendar Poster and A View to a Kill

Dating the Federal Comics DC editions from December 1985 is quite straight forward - the rear cover carries the Funtastic Toy Offer advertisement, and most issues will also feature one or both of the following ads on the inner covers:

 1986 Calendar Poster offer

A View to a Kill ad

But really, all you need to date these issues is the Funtastic Toy Offer ad on the rear cover.


Mark Muller said...

Aha! I found the "1986 Calendar Poster" while delving through your list of Federal Comics last night. Haven't come across the "A View to Kill" advert... yet!

spiros xenos said...

Yeah, the Calendar Poster tends to be the one to appear on its own if there's only enough space for one of the two advertisements.

There is an issue with A View to a Kill on its own which I think must be from January 1986 as it also has the Madonna ad on the rear cover, and fits into the January slot based on the issues before and after it, but nevertheless it does slightly upset my neat ordering. As more data comes through I hope this settles into place too, maybe as an 'early month' issue or something.

Thanks for sharing your data, it really helps!