Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Spider-Woman #6: The Yaffa edition

Page Publications' Spider-Woman #6 was published c.April 1982:

The cover is from Marvel Comics' Spider-Woman #14:

The contents are as follows:

Suddenly...The Shroud!, originally published in Spider-Woman #13, April 1979
[Cults and Robbers], originally published in Spider-Woman #14, May 1979
Into the Heart of Darkness!, originally published in Spider-Woman #15, June 1979

The first page of Cults and Robbers is omitted, so Suddenly...The Shroud is presented as a single 33-page story. I also note that the editorial commentary boxes directing the reader to events in previous issues are omitted too.

This is likely the final issue in Yaffa's Spider-Woman series.

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