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Hulk King Size Annual #1: The Newton edition

Newton Comics' Hulk King Size Annual #1 was published 20 September 1975:

The story contents are as follows:

A Refuge Divided!, originally published in The Incredible Hulk Special #1, October 1968
The Keepers of the Crypt!, originally published in Conan the Barbarian #8, August 1971
A Marvel Masterwork Pin-Up The Incredible Hulk, originally published in The Incredible Hulk Special #1, October 1968

A Refuge Divided! and The Incredible Hulk pinup appear to be reprinted intact. 

The Keepers of the Crypt has the cover image from Conan the Barbarian #8 in lieu of the original splash page. Here's a photo of the two-page spread:

The Yaffa printing of this story in Conan the Barbarian #3 goes one better by reproducing both the cover and the splash page:

It's odd that this issue should contain a Conan the Barbarian story given Conan had his own ongoing series at the time. However, this was not unprecedented by Newton Comics - we recall the Fantastic Four features in Planet of the Apes #1. Note also this is the story from which the Conan poster was drawn in Planet of the Apes #5

This issue was published during the Newton Swap Card promotional period. My copy includes Spiderman (sic) Series A (1 of 15) No. 3:

This issue did not contain a regular poster. However, as the cover and the  letter column above informs readers, one could send in for a "FREE glossy giant-size Hulk poster". This offer was prominently advertised alongside the contest:

This Hulk poster was still being offered as an enticement in December 1975:

This issue contains a number of in-house advertisements for other Newton comics:

The Fantastic Four #6 

Conan the Barbarian #3 

Doctor Strange #2 

The Silver Surfer #1 

Dracula #4 

The Annual was advertised in-house:

The Planet of the Apes Annual #1 was published in July 1975. The Hulk Annual was the first of a projected 'series' of Annuals to be published monthly henceforth, according to the letter column. Sure enough, over the next three months readers were treated to Annuals featuring Spider-Man, The Fantastic Four  and The Avengers. (The Spider-Man Annual was in fact a Team-Up Annual, which begat a second Team-Up Annual, and indeed a series of such issues, but this is a rather convoluted episode in Newton's program which I'll address in a separate post).

This issue includes The Swap Cards Cometh advertisement and a T-shirt offer.

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