Sunday, August 28, 2016

Haunted Love Tales of Gothic Romance Planet Series 3 No. 2

House of Fear
Original: Haunted Love 7, January 1975
Reprint: Scary Tales 33, July 1982
Australian reprint: House of Fear!

The Bloody Mermaid!
Original: Ghostly Tales 91
Reprint: Ghost Manor 35, February 1978

Ding Dong the Witch is Dead!
Original: Haunted Love 4, October 1973

Wrong Turn
Original: Haunted 13, July 1973

El Toro Diablo
Original: The Thing! 2, April 1952, Charlton

The Vampire Lives!
Original: Haunted 13, July 1973
Reprint: Haunted 41, March 1979

Melvin Comes Home!
Original: The Thing! 12, February 1954
Australian reprint: Doomsday 18

Eternal Teacher
Original: Haunted Love 1, April 1973, Charlton
Reprint: Haunted Love 1, 1978, Modern
Australian reprint: Doomsday Annual 1, 1975

The Wall of Flesh!
Original: This Magazine is Haunted 12
Wall of Flesh 1; The Comics Journal 290, May 2008
Australian reprint: Doomsday 6

Mother's Boy
Original: Haunted Love 5, December 1973

The Hideout!
Original: Ghost Manor 8, November 1972
Reprint: Ghost Manor 57, July 1981

I’ve traced, mainly via the Grand Comics Database, the U.S Original and, where available, the Reprint printings of the contents of Haunted Love, but note that it’s quite likely that the Reprint issue is the actual source for this edition.

My main interest in recording the contents and sources this time around was in tracing the Australian reprint, that is, the printings of the contents in other K.G. Murray issues. For the moment I’ve only found other printings in Doomsday and Doomsday Annual, and at least one of these stories – The Wall of Flesh! – appears to have been recycled from the previous K.G. Murray issue.

I’m sure that when I get around to indexing the rest of the K.G. Murray horror comics I’ll find further iterations all over the place. But that is a longterm task.

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