Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Smells Like Space Western: Bumper Western Comic #1

As mentioned some time ago, colour register printing errors are relatively scarce as far as the K.G. Murray covers are concerned, especially compared to Newton Comics.
I’m fond of this Bumper Western Comic #1 cover. The blue faces and pink/green/yellow background virtually qualify the image as a candidate for the space western genre.
There’s a Leonard Cohen line that goes “There is a crack in everything/That’s how the light gets in.” Words to live by.

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spiros xenos said...

From Mark Muller:

Spiros, this isn’t a ‘colour register' problem as registration refers to accurate alignment of the various plates.

This is a case of plates being used with the wrong ink deck selected. In this particular example the Cyan (blue) and magenta (red plates) have been used incorrectly, hence the magenta sky and the green ground (Cyan and yellow make green). In the correct version the word ‘BUMPER’ is magenta and yellow which makes a red, so in the incorrect version the word is green (similar to the ground).