Saturday, August 27, 2016

Satan's Lagoon and the Haunted Love series

There are 11 issues in Charlton’s Haunted Love series of 1973-75 .

K.G. Murray published at least 5 of these covers. Four of them were published as Haunted Love comics under the Planet Comics or Murray Comics imprints:
1. Haunted Love NN one-shot, reprinting the cover from Haunted Love #1
2. Haunted Love Planet Series 1 No. 3, reprinting the cover from Haunted Love #9
3. Haunted Love Planet Series 2 No. 3, reprinting the cover from Haunted Love #3
4. Haunted Love Planet Series 3 No. 2, reprinting the cover from Haunted Love #7
The fifth cover provided the cover image for the unnumbered one-off digest-sized title Satan’s Lagoon, which reprints the cover from Haunted Love #11.
The four Haunted Love issues mentioned above each contain some or all of the stories originally published under their respective covers.
Satan’s Lagoon does not. It may take its cover image from the Haunted Love series, but its contents are sourced from various other Charlton titles. Indeed its title is adapted from the lead story “Satan’s Pools”, sourced from another Charlton series, Ghost Manor, which was also the title of a short-lived 4-issue Planet Comics series.
On closer examination, Satan’s Lagoon has more in common with House of Fear than it does with the other Haunted Love issues. To begin with, both are unnumbered one-off digest-sized titles with 68 pages and a $0.60 cover price. Further, they share a design template in that their painted front cover images are duplicated in full on their respective rear covers. The Murray Comics logos differ slightly, but other than that they appear to have been published hot on one another’s heels. I haven't checked the contents of Satan's Lagoon against the original but I expect that they are similarly surgically adapted as the contents of the House of Fear issue.
There were many other Planet Comics/Murray Comics titles which carried material from the Charlton Haunted Love Series, not only in the Charlton-centric titles but in other titles such as Doomsday.
But these are the only covers I’ve come across to date. I like to think that there are some more one-off digest-sized issues to be discovered with Haunted Love covers.

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