Friday, October 13, 2017

The Human Torch #5: The Yaffa edition

Some time ago I mentioned that I had a Yaffa The Human Torch #5 listed in my database, but could not confirm whether it was a legitimate entry or an erroneous reference to an unnumbered reprint of the first issue in the series.

Well, here it is:

I found this the old fashioned way - browsing through a secondhand collectibles shop, which I didn't even know existed, just a few kilometres from home. Talk about lucky!

As I mused in my previous entry on this series, there is not a lot of material left to cover more issues in a title like this. This issue contains three Human Torch stories from the last couple of issues of the U.S series from 1975, and is padded with an Omega the Unknown story from 1977. So, I'm guessing there aren't any more issues in this series, but if there are, no doubt they will be recycled reprints of previous issues. 

And I'm once again deeming this series in my collection complete!

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