Friday, February 16, 2018

Love Experiences #1 and Beautiful Love Stories #1: Chatto knows they've done it before...

Love Experiences #1 features a Keith Chatto cover for the story Love So Blind.

This story was also published by Page Publications under another Chatto cover in Beautiful Love Stories #1:

My copy of Love Experiences #1 above has a $0.15 price sticker over the original price. The original price may be anything up to $0.30, but I'm betting Love Experiences #1 was published earlier than Beautiful Love Stories #1 simply based on the cover art, specifically because of the expressions on the faces of Chatto's characters. On the Love Experiences #1 cover, it's quite possible our happy couple are about to experience coitus for the first time. The couple on the cover of Beautiful Love Stories #1 have definitely done it before. This trajectory is par for the course for Chatto's romance covers for Yaffa/Page.

I think Love So Blind originally appeared in MV Features' Dream A Romance Picture Story #16, but as you can see via the link, the GCD entry has scant information, not even a cover image. Since the cover art for Love Experiences #1 does not appear to be based on interior art for Love So Blind, I'm going to assume for the moment that it is based on Dream #16. This, and the original cover price for Love Experiences #1 will be revealed in due course.

Update 18/6/2018: Love Experiences #1 has a $0.20 cover price.

Update 9/9/2018:

Love So Blind was also published in Romance World Library #1:

This issue slots in between the others chronologically and narratively. Even if she changed the colour of her hair.

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