Wednesday, February 21, 2018

One Starlit Night: Three Page Publications editions

One Starlit Night was originally published in Famepress' Juliette Picture Library #1 in 1966. There are at least three printings of this story by Page Publications:

  Best Love Stories #1, c. July 1973

Revealing Love Stories #1, c.1973

Romance Experiences Library #4

Best Love Stories #1 and Revealing Love Stories #1 each feature a Keith Chatto cover. As they each have a $0.20 cover price it is difficult to be certain which one was published first. However, given Revealing Love Stories #1 features the racier image, I'm betting it was published after Best Love Stories #1.

There may have been other printings of One Starlit Night before Romance Experiences Library #4, but this issue bears the hallmarks of a last gasp effort. The cover is a slightly modified reprint of p.64:

It is quite possible that this cover was recycled for other Page Publications issues -  TBC.

I don't know whether Best Love Stories #1 was the first Page Publications printing of One Starlit Night. The GCD entry for Juliette Picture Library #1 doesn't have a cover image. If it is substantially different to Chatto's cover it would suggest an earlier publication exists.

Dating the Yaffa/Page digests from the early/mid-70's with accuracy is difficult as many issues don't appear to have reliable advertiser's date codes. However, after inspecting a few recent finds, I have identified a range of dates for 64-page (68-pages including covers) issues with a $0.20 cover price between November 1971 and June 1973. There may be date codes for such issues beyond this range, but at least this provides some guidance as to the publication of $0.20 cover price digests which don't have any other date information on them. Hence my guesstimate of the date above for Revealing Love Stories #1.

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