Wednesday, June 12, 2019

The Avengers #11: The Newton edition

Newton Comics' The Avengers #11 was published 29 November 1975:

This cover originally appeared on Marvel Comics' The Avengers #12:

The story contents are as follows:

This Hostage Earth!, originally published in The Avengers #12, January 1965 

[Somewhere Lurks The Phantom!] Somewhere Lurks:-Phantom!, originally published in Tales of Suspense #63, March 1965 

The splash page to This Hostage Earth! has been cropped at the top:

This is a scan of the same page from my copy of Marvel Masterworks Vol. 9 The Avengers Nos.11-20, 1989 [First Printing]:

The Mighty Avengers title banner at the top of the page is omitted in the Newton edition in order to accommodate the indicia. The story is otherwise reprinted without any undue editorial modification.

The first page to [Somewhere Lurks The Phantom] is the second instalment of this story - it continues from Newton's The Avengers #10 - and has not only been retitled, but the bottom tier has been cropped:

Compare the page to the original as per the reprint in my copy of Essential Iron Man Vol. 1, Third edition Second printing 2010:

This issue contains a Conan the Barbarian poster:

This originally appeared on the cover of Marvel Comics' Conan the Barbarian #11, and was published by Newton Comics a couple of months earlier as the cover of Conan the Barbarian #2:

This issue contains two in-house advertisements for other comics: The Fantastic Four Giant Size 84 Page Annual #1;

and The Silver Surfer #3:

As you can see this advertisement was printed backwards.

This issue also included the following advertisement for a Tarzan book:

Newton Comics did not publish Tarzan comics. K.G. Murray would pick up the licence for Tarzan comics in Australia few years later.

The contest expiry date in this issue is 12 January 1976.

This issue was advertised in-house:

This is scanned from he Silver Surfer #3.

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