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The Avengers #8: The Newton edition

Newton Comics' The Avengers #8 is cover-dated 18 October 1975:

The cover was originally published on the cover of Marvel Comics' The Avengers #8:

The story contents are as follows:

Kang, the Conqueror!, originally published in The Avengers #8, September 1964

Iron Man Face Hawkeye The Marksman [In Mortal Combat with Captain America!], originally published in Tales of Suspense #58, October 1964

The first story appears to be unmodified. The second story, however...

Hawkeye, The Marksman! appeared in the previous issue, The Avengers #7. Or rather, only the first two pages were published. The rest of the 6-page instalment erroneously consisted of pages 3-6 of In Mortal Combat with Captain America!. As the feature was to continue in this issue there was an opportunity to correct the error. However, it would appear the Newton editor was not aware of the error in the previous issue as he produced the following page to introduce this issue's instalment:

The title is from Tales of Suspense #57, but the reprint is from Tales of Suspense #58, as are the following 5 pages.

This issue includes a Hulk poster:

This image had previously adorned the cover of Hulk King Size Annual #1:

My copy does not include the Swap Card. TBA.

This issue includes an in-house advertisement for The Incredible Hulk #8 which also references the Hulk Annual:

This issue included the advertisement for the Origins Of Marvel Comics as per The Avengers #7.

The Avengers #8 was promoted with a full-page advertisement in other Newton comics:

The cover in the ad does not include the publication date. This was the only issue in the series to include a full date of release - the rest only had the month and year. 

The contest expiry date is 1 December 1975.

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