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The Avengers #9: The Newton edition

Newton Comics' The Avengers #9 was published 1 November 1975:

This cover first appeared on Marvel Comics' The Avengers #9:

The story contents are as follows:

The Coming of the... Wonder Man!, originally published in The Avengers #9, October 1964

Iron Man Faces Hawkeye The Marksman [In Mortal Combat with Captain America!], originally published in Tales of Suspense #57, September 1964

The Coming of the...Wonder Man! does not suffer any substantial modification. 

As for Iron Man Faces Hawkeye The Marksman... 

You will recall the bizarre situation in the previous two issues - The Avengers # 7 and #8 - in which pages from the two Iron Man stories originally appearing in Tales of Suspense #57 and #58 were combined in Frankensteinian fashion.

Well, the sorry saga continues in this issue.

This is the splash page to the third instalment of Iron Man Faces Hawkeye The Marksman:

The bottom tier is cropped to accommodate the inserted title at the top of the page. Compare it to a scan of the original comics as reprinted in my copy of Essential Iron Man Vol. 1, Third edition Second printing 2010:

The cropping aside, at least the title once again matches the material.

However, for some reason, the rest of the pages do not conform to this course correction. Once again, the pages in the rest of the story come from In Mortal Combat with Captain America! from Tales of Suspense #58, rather than Tales of Suspense #57.

The final panel is also modified by the editor:

This is the original panel as it appears in Essential Iron Man Vol. 1:

The poster in this issue was Captain Marvel and The Sub-Mariner:

This was originally published as the cover on Marvel Comics' Captain Marvel #4, and was later on the cover of Newton Comics' one-off Captain Marvel issue:

The Avengers #9 includes an in-house advertisement for The Silver Surfer #2:

As per the previous two issues this issue advertises the Mail Order Only Origins Of Marvel Comics.

There were no more Swap Cards in this series

The contest expiry date is 15 December 1975. 

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