Thursday, June 13, 2019

The Avengers #12: The Newton edition

Newton Comics' The Avengers #12 was published 13 December 1975:

The cover originally appeared on Marvel Comics' The Avengers #16:

The story contents are as follows:

The Old Order Changeth!, originally published in The Avengers #16, May 1965 

[When Titans Clash!], originally published in Tales of Suspense #65, May 1965

The splash page to The Old Order Changeth! has been modified:

The top of the page gas been cropped, omitting The Mighty Avengers! banner, and there is cropping beneath the text boxes on the bottom of the page. Compare this to the original page as reprinted in my copy of Marvel Masterworks Vol. 9 The Avengers Nos. 11-20, 1989 [First Printing]:

[When Titans Clash] is another Newton hatchet job. This is the splash page from Tales of Suspense #65, as reprinted in Essential Iron Man Vol. 1, Third edition Second printing, 2010:

This is the splash page as it appears in the Newton Comics edition:

Hmph. Doesn't even look like the same story, right? Except that the Newton splash page hails from the very same story - it is modified from a panel on the sixth page: 

The title of the story wasn't integrated into the newly contrived splash page.

Newton Comics' The Avengers #11 reprinted Marvel Comics' The Avengers #12. By reprinting The Avengers #16 in this issue a few US issues were skipped. The 'missing' issues had migrated to the backup feature slot in The X-Men and The Avengers.

The poster in this issue is Doctor Strange:

This image originally appeared on the cover of Marvel Comics' Doctor Strange #9, and had recently been on the cover of Newton Comics' Doctor Strange #7:

This issue includes the following in-house advertisements for other comics:

This issue was advertised in-house:

This ad is scanned from The Silver Surfer #4.
This issue was also advertised in the Sunday Observer 30 November 1975 alongside other comics:

The contest expiry date is 26 January 1976. 

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