Monday, February 26, 2007

The Alex Toth Reprint Stocktake Part 2

A couple of additions to the Toth reprint stocktake:

Rex the Wonder Dog: Trail of the Flower of Evil!
Rex the Wonder Dog #1, January-February 1952
Century Plus Comic #54, November 1960

I expect there are more Toth reprints from the Rex the Wonder Dog series reprinted in Century, such as “Rex -- Forest Ranger”, “Rex -- Hollywood Stunt Dog” and “Rex -- Circus Detective” (courtesy GCD) - all TBC.

Danger Trail: The Australian Code Mystery
World's Finest Comics #66, September-October 1953
Detective Comics #414, August 1971

Thanks to Mark Cannon for reminding me of this one - we both know we've seen it reprinted, most likely sourced from Detective Comics #414, but it's eluding us for the moment. File under TBA!

Update! Courtesy Mark Muller, I can confirm
The Australian Code Mystery is reprinted in
Tip Top Comic Monthly #80, December 1971.

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