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All Star Adventure Comic # 11

All Star Adventure Comic #11, circa October 1961

Cover based on panel on page 6, artist unidentified.

Sheena Queen of the Jungle: Conjure-Man's Kraal
W. Morgan Thomas/Robert Webb
(Jungle Comics #158, Spring 1953)
Note: One source credits Robert Webb as artist, another Alex Blum (pencils)/Robert Webb (inker)

Sheena: Queen of the Jungle: Pool of Peril
W. Morgan Thomas
(Jungle Comics #158, Spring 1953, TBC)
Note: The GCD credits a text-only Sheena story called "Pool of Peril" in Jumbo Comics #96, February 1947, Fiction House. However, the "Pool of Peril" reprinted here may be Part 2 of "Conjure-Man's Kraal" from Jungle Comics #158 as the GCD entry for "Conjure-Man's Kraal" notes it is 12 pages not 7.

Wambi The Jungle Boy: (untitled) - (begins" Dawn on a Congo tributary...")
Roy L. Smith/Henry Kiefer
(Jungle Comics #158, Spring 1953)

Auro Lord of Jupiter: (untitled) - (begins "Through the brooding Jupiterian forest race two excited figures...")
Nick Charles
(Original unidentified, 7 pages)

Camilla: (untitled) - (begins "Downriver - far below the mine of the seven serpents...")
Victor Ibsen
(Original unidentified, 7 pages)

Ka'a'nga: Wild Boy!
Maurice Whitman
(Jungle Comics #162, Spring 1954)

Ka'a'nga: The Temple of the Leopard
(Original unidentified, 5 pages)

The Red Comet: (untitled) - (begins "Smashes into action against Randi, the power mad emperor...")
(Original unidentified, 8 pages)

Jungle Tales by Trader Jim: (untitled) - (begins "They were down at Trader Jim's hut...")
(Jungle Comics #152, August 1952)

Ka'a'nga The Jungle Lord: (untitled) - (begins "Four days and four nights...")
Maurice Whitman
(Original unidentified, 9 pages)

Tiger Girl: (untitled) - (begins "He was B'Shini, the shadow god...")
Alan O'Hara/Matt Baker
(Jungle Comics #155, November 1952)

Cerebex: (untitled) - (begins "Brad Cummings watches as his boss...")
Bill Benulis
(Planet Comics #73, Winter 1953, TBC)

Captain Terry Thunder: (untitled) - (begins "The big ghost of Simbah...")
Pierre La Rue
(Original unidentified, 5 pages)

Tiger Girl-(untitled) - (Begins "With a giant sikh servant and striped bengal pets...")
Allan O'Hara/Matt Baker
(Jungle Comics #152, August 1952)

Ka'a'nga Jungle Lord: (untitled) - (begins "Some called him the white ape of the Congo...")
Frank Riddell
(Original unidentified, 10 pages)

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