Monday, February 12, 2007

All Star Adventure Comic # 7

All Star Adventure Comic #7, February 1961

This issue reprints most of the comics features in Mystic #51, September 1956, omitting the opening story “Man in the Dark”.

The cover image is based on a couple of panels on page 7, but I have not identified the artist.

Blue Bolt: (untitled - begins "During the great emergency of war...")
(Original unidentified, 8 pages)

I Am The Abominable Snowman!
Paul Reinman
(Strange Tales #72, December 1959)

The Locked Room!
Manny Stallman
(Yellow Claw #4, April 1957)

Muggy-Doo and Osh: (untitled – begins "Ah--Tis So Nice and peaceful without Muggy-Doo...")
(Original unidentified, 6 pages)

I Can Live Forever!
John Forte
(Journey Into Mystery #55, November 1959)

Dick Cole: Mid-Winter Scene!
(Dick Cole #7, January 1950)

(Carnival Week at Farr Military Academy!)
(Dick Cole #7, January 1950)

Muggy-Doo and Osh: The Big Fight
(Original unidentified, 6 pages)

Cliff Mason White Hunter: Prize Trophy!
Don Rico/Don Heck
(Jann of the Jungle 11, May 1956)

No One Will Ever Know!
Marvin Stein
(Mystic #51, September 1956)

Think! If You Dare
Harry Lazarus
(Mystic #51, September 1956)

The Unknown Jungle: A Time of Hazard!
Don Rico/Syd Shores
(Jann of the Jungle 11, May 1956)

Behind The Door
Lou Cameron
(Mystic #51, September 1956)

The Cadet featuring Kit Carter: Crime Invades The Cornfield
Nina Albright (?)
(Original unidentified, 8 pages)

Wings in the Night!
John Forte
(Mystic #51, September 1956)

Osh and Voodoo Vermin: (untitled - begins "Gosh--it felt just like someone hit me in the eye!")
(Original unidentified, 5 pages)

The Imperfect Plot
Gray Morrow
(Mystic #51, September 1956)

A rather odd collection of features for an early issue of All Star – quite apart from the funny animal strips, which were best suited to Lot o’ Fun, or even an occasional cameo in an early issue of Century - the Blue Bolt and Dick Cole instalments look as out of place stylistically here as the Hart Amos and Vernon Hayles features did in the first issue of Climax Adventure Comic. Which is not to say they are without charms – the Blue Bolt story in particular is a hoot, a precious example of truly primitive ‘z-grade’ adventure comics which is genuinely fun to read, and I recommend it and its ilk, in small doses – but they hardly blend well with the mature style of, say, Gray Morrow.

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