Thursday, February 22, 2007

All Star Adventure Comic # 12

It’s taken a few weeks, but this instalment wraps up the indexing to the first dozen issues of All Star Adventure Comic, which I began discussing towards the end of January.

There’s plenty of unidentified contents in these issues – and possibly some errors - so as always, if any one can identify any of the contents or cover artists, or if anyone has corrections to any of the credits, or would like to refer me to any sources which may provide more information, please send me an email.

All Star Adventure Comic #12, circa November 1961

(Cover artist/source unidentified)

This issue reprints three stories which originally appeared in Planet Comics #73, Winter 1953, Fiction House. I assume they were sourced from the facsimile reprint of Planet Comics #73 in Space Mysteries #9, 1958/1959, Super Comics, I. W. Publishing. These issues included two more stories not reprinted in All Star #12 – a Cerebex story which appeared in All Star #11, and “Strangers On Satellite C”, which may be reprinted in another K.G. Murray comic.

Ka'a'nga: Glory or Death!
(Original unidentified, 9 pages)

Wambi The Jungle Boy: (untitled) - (begins "A trophy hunter has entered Wambi's jungle...')
Roy L. Smith/Henry Kiefer
(Jungle Comics #152, August 1952)

Tiger Girl: The Voodoo Master!
(Jungle Comics #162, Spring 1954)

Among The Missing
Jack Abel
(Planet Comics #73, Winter 1953)

Ka'a'nga: (untitled) - (begins " The game trails of the dark and brooding congo...")
Frank Riddell/Maurice Whitman
(Original unidentified, 10 pages)

Wambi The Jungle Boy: (untitled) - (begins " "Eat and sleep... Eat and sleep... ")
Roy L. Smith
(Original unidentified, 4 pages)

Tiger Girl: The Enchanted Valley
(Jungle Comics #161, Winter 1953)

Jungle Kings
(Original unidentified, 1 page)

The Martian Plague
Bernard Sachs
(Planet Comics #73, Winter 1953)

Ka'a'nga: (untitled) - (begins "The jungle lord and his mate...")
Frank Riddell
(Original unidentified, 9 pages)

Wambi The Jungle Boy: (untitled) - (begins "Once when Bruno hurt his foot...")
Roy L. Smith/Henry Kiefer
(Jungle Comics #155, November 1952)

Jungle Tales by Trader Jim: (untitled) - (begins "The drum message had said an emissary...")
(Jungle Comics #155, November 1952)

Star Pirate: (untitled) - (begins "Star Pirate, Robin Hood of the space-lanes, crosses swords again...")
Murphy Anderson (as Leonardo Vinci)
(Original unidentified, 8 pages)

Mysteries of the Jungle: Leopard Men
Tony D'Adamo
(Jungle Comics #155, November 1952)

Jungle Animals: A Walk in the Sun!
(Original unidentified, reprinted in Jungle Adventures #15, 1963, Super Comics, I. W. Publishing)

Ka'a'nga: (untitled) - (begins "The B'Kuta tribe trained the great tuskers...")
Frank Riddell
(Original unidentified, 8 pages)

The Wonder-Warp
(Planet Comics #73, Winter 1953)

plus an Amazing Ratios 1 page filler

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