Friday, October 3, 2008

Blazing Six-Gun Adventure: Wander into something bizarre...

Here’s yet another unnumbered Murray Western one-shot, which I briefly alluded to in a previous post for a memorable Jim Aparo-illustrated tale: Wander Takes on “The Fastest Gun in De Wast”, originally from Cheyenne Kid #70, January 1969.

It’s memorable for two reasons – the zipatone shading; and the weird space opera/western/comedy hybrid genre.

From what I can discern Wander was a regular back-up feature in Cheyenne Kid (I stand to be corrected) so chances are other instalments are scattered throughout other Murray westerns. I haven't noticed this feature before, something of a bizarre little treat to keep an eye out for.

Oh - and whoever painted this cover does a fair rendering of Clint Eastwood!

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mcannon said...

Gidday Spiros

Yes, "Wander" was a regular backup feature in Charlton's "Cheyenne Kid" for a time in the late '60s -though I think I only ever read the very first installment, in which the title character (a tall, humanoid alien who spoke in a rather Shakespearean manner) ended up in the 19th Century American West. I don't know whatever happened to my copy of that comic - or how I ended up with an issue of "Cheyenne Kid" in the first place!

As well as featuring nice Jim Aparo art, I think that the strip may also have been scripted by Denny O'Neill - possibly using his "Sergius O'Shaugnessy" pseudonym.

Until now, I wasn't aware that any installments of "Wander" were reprinted in Australia - I wonder (no pun intended) if any more popped up in other Murray Westerns?