Sunday, March 25, 2018

Ghoul Tales #8: A welcome little surprise

Page Publications' Ghoul Tales #4 is based on Ghoul Tales #5 published by Stanley Morse in 1971.

A UK edition was published by Portman Distribution in 1980:

Whenever I detail a Page Publications issue with a Portman Distribution counterpart I get sidetracked by the question of which came first, the Page or the Portman? I don't have a firm answer yet, but I will point out in passing for the moment that the Portman edition above does mirror the Stanley edition more closely by replicating the typeface on The Ghostly Destroyer on the top of the cover, contra the Page edition.

But my focus today is not on the Page v Portman debate, but rather on this unexpected little specimen which dropped into the Junkyard this week - Page Publications' Ghoul Tales #8:

The recycling of Stanley issues by Page Publications is not news, but I have not seen a digest-sized edition before. It appears to have been published c.1980, by which time Yaffa had converted their Marvel line to digest-sized issues.

Until now I thought there were eight issues in the Ghoul Tales series including the anomalous unnumbered issue, but clearly, there are nine issues at least. 

So there are probably more digest-sized editions of Page Publications' Stanley Morse comics.

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