Friday, March 2, 2018

The Summer House: Nightmare Suspense Library #'s 3 and 6

The Summer House originally appeared in MV Features' Nightmare Suspense #12:

It was published at least twice by Page Publications, in the following issues:

 Nightmare Suspense Library #3

Nightmare Suspense Library #6

I love these covers by Keith Chatto. As much as I like his covers for Yaffa Westerns and Romances and Mystery and Spy comics, it's the lurid, bloody, sexy Horror covers I like most, and these are excellent samples.

Neither of these two covers are legitimate swipes of the UK original. They do each feature ghoulish, monstrous claws attacking the hapless victim, which is at best a loose interpretation of the original, but neither feature the hand as palimpsest. This leads me to suspect that there is a genuine swipe by Chatto for an earlier printing of The Summer House - possibly for Nightmare Suspense Library #1. TBC.

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