Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Daredevil #1: The Newton edition

This is the cover to Newton Comics' Daredevil #1:

It originally appeared on the cover of Marvel Comics' Daredevil #1:

The story contents are as follows:

The Origin of Daredevil, originally published in Daredevil #1, April 1964 

Out of Hell--A Hero! [Part 1], originally published in Hero for Hire #1, June 1972 

The splash page to The Origin of Daredevil has been modified by Newton Comics:

In lieu of the cover to the original The Amazing Spider-Man #1, Newton rather cleverly inserted an image of the Newton edition of The Amazing Spider-Man #1. Here is a scan of the original page as it appears in my copy of Marvel Masterworks: Daredevil Nos. 1-11 Second Printing:

Only the first 4 pages of the Luke Cage story Out of Hell--A Hero! are published in this issue. It continues in Daredevil #2.

This issue contains the following colour poster:

This image had previously been published as the cover to Newton Comics' The Amazing Spider-Man #9.

This issue includes an in-house advertisement for The Mighty Thor #1:

Daredevil #1 was also the beneficiary of such cross-promotion between titles. This full-page ad appeared in The Invincible Iron Man #1:

The competition expiry date is 28 February 1976.

This issue is cover-dated January 1976. A publication date of 10 January 1976 was announced in a December 1975 letter column.


Mark Cannon said...

Thanks for another informative post, Spiros. Of course, this was actually the _second_ Australian reprint of "Daredevil" #1, following on from the one-shot (?) 1960s edition published by Horwitz Publications, which had a redrawn cover that was apparently the work of Maurice Bramley.

That handful of Horwitz 1960s Marvel reprints are a fascinating subject all of their own!

spiros xenos said...

Agreed the Horwitz Marvel issues are very interesting. I'll cover them eventually. In between the Horwitz and Newton issues was an issue of KGM's Climax Adventure Comic which featured Daredevil on the cover: https://ausreprints.net/issue/2334/16491