Wednesday, September 7, 2016

More Chatto horror

Here’s another Keith Chatto cover, for Page Publications’ Nightmare Suspense Library #5, based on the art for Nightmare Suspense Library #11 published by MV Features circa 1966. 

When I originally posted on this some years ago I wasn’t aware of the source material for these reprints, nor that some of Chatto’s covers for Page were based on the original cover art. But following up on my earlier post today I’m finding more source material for these digest horror titles, courtesy of the Grand Comics Database, and realising that many of the Page Publications covers are indeed based on the original source material, which featured what appears to me to be mostly painted cover art.

I wonder whether it was technical limitations related to reproducing the painted art which prompted the redrawing, or whether it was some other rights issue.

I don't mind saying that as much as I like the lurid colours of Chatto’s palette, in this instance, I probably prefer the muted tones of the original cover.

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