Saturday, September 3, 2016

The Human Torch in triplicate

The Human Torch series by Page Publications ran for 4 numbered issues.

#3 in the series is a reprint of #1. And this unnumbered digest-sized issue with a $0.75 cover price is a further reprint of those two issues.

This should have been a retitled issue. Some gold dust for the completist mavens amongst us.

Maybe there is a retitled edition too.

My database has a #5 of this series listed, but I don't have a cover scan. I may have spotted one some time ago, or it may be an erroneous reference to this unnumbered issue.

Given the short run of the U.S series, even if there is a 5th issue, chances are it reprinted another Page issue. At three U.S issues per one Page, there's not a lot of meat for a full three Page's, which may explain why #3 is a reprint to begin with. 

If there is a #5, it may even be a 4th copy of the issue under discussion. So if anyone can confirm a #5...

Update: #5 confirmed -

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