Tuesday, September 4, 2018

From romance to horror: A Chatto 'secret origin' story

This is Keith Chatto's cover to Horror Suspense Library #3:

The story contained within is The Edge of Fear, which I have covered before, and doesn't interest me here. 

What does concern me here is the poor woman. She appears to have lost her top between this issue and Horror Suspense Library #2:

This traumatic experience may be the reason she later uses her assets to turn the tables on men, leering at them in half shadow with a tease that renders them nervous and unable to perform, scrunched up in the bottom right hand corner like a moody Bernie Wrightson/Kelley Jones victim and, in the process, changing the Romance genre into the Horror genre that spawned her Secret Origin:

And to think it all started so innocently:

I'll never trust a man in a yellow shirt and pink tie again!

Oh, Chatto - how I wish you had drawn a longform horror romance comic in this period.

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