Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Moon Knight and Night Nurse: The $1.10 question

Page Publications' Moon Knight is based on the US Marvel Preview #21. It contains the complete main Moon Knight feature and the backup The Shroud story, but not the other text articles or letters pages. There is a Table of Contents, but there is no illustration as per the GCD entry.

There is no indicia date. The $1.10 cover price indicates this was published in 1982. My copy has a 12 marked in pencil on the cover which suggests it was on the stands c.September 1982. This puts it a few months beyond my cutoff for $1.10 cover price issues in my Yaffa  profile. I will keenly watch for further copies to come to light in order to clarify this.

This issue is a bit different to most $1.10 cover price Yaffas. Most of them are recycled editions of earlier issues. However, I am unaware of an earlier Moon Knight edition. Again, something to watch out for.

There are a few other such $1.10 cover price Yaffas for which I haven't spotted earlier iterations. Some 10 years ago I blogged about the Yaffa Night Nurse:

In the interim I have not seen another copy of this issue, let alone an earlier edition. Whilst it would not really surprise me to find that the Moon Knight issue is a true one-off, given the US edition is from 1980, it would surprise me if there wasn't an earlier version of Night Nurse with, say, a $0.60 cover price.

According to writer Jean Thomas, Night Nurse suffered from an identity crisis - too serious to appeal to the romance reader and not action-oriented enough to appeal to the superhero crowd.

I reckon this might account for the scarcity of the Yaffa edition too.

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