Saturday, May 26, 2018

Federal Comics' Fantastic Four: The complete cover gallery

Here's a cover gallery of my recently completed run of Federal Comics' Fantastic Four:

 Fantastic Four #1, c.May 1984

 Fantastic Four #2/NN, c.July 1984

 Fantastic Four #3, c. September 1984

 Fantastic Four #4, c.December 1984

 Fantastic Four #5, c.January 1985

 Fantastic Four #6, c. May 1985

 Fantastic Four #7/NN, c.June 1985

 Fantastic Four #8, c.July 1985

 Fantastic Four #9, c.September 1985

 Fantastic Four #10, c.December 1985

Fantastic Four #11, c. February 1986

The dates are my best guesses with the data to hand. Many are certain, however there are a few issues which may be tweaked, but only by a month either way. 

Whilst the advertisements on the rear covers and inner front and rear covers tally almost completely with their Federal DC counterparts, I realised some time ago that the Federal Marvel issues contained tailormade letter columns in the last few issues of their respective series. I've started to identify, log and date them, but I still have quite a few issues to get through before I can finalise that exercise.

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