Saturday, May 26, 2018

Seeking Land of No Tomorrow: Teenage Confessions #2 and Love and Romance Library #279

Page Publications' Teenage Confessions #2 features a cover illustration by Keith Chatto and, as per the cover blurb, the interior feature is titled Land of No Tomorrow.

This issue was recycled some time later under a new Chatto cover as Love and Romance Library #279:

The job code for the story is D19. This suggests that Land of No Tomorrow, as per other such Page Publications romance stories, was originally published by MV Features Ltd., in Dream A Romantic Picture Story #19 c.1965/66. Unfortunately I cannot verify this at the moment as there is no detail on the GCD site for this issue, but I expect to be able to do so in the fullness of time.

To continue the guesswork: I expect there is an earlier printing of the story by Page Publications given that the cover image to Teenage Confessions #2 doesn't reflect a scene from the story, which presumably means it doesn't reflect the original cover art for Dream A Romantic Picture Story #19, which means it's unlikely Chatto cribbed it for Teenage Age Confessions #2.

Further, I'm going to guess that the cover  for Dream A Romantic Picture Story #19 features a horse because horse riding is rather prominent in Land of No Tomorrow. Or it may just be another sombre grey-toned romance cover as per the majority of the incomplete cover art gallery for this series on the GCD.

Update 4/6/2019: Land of No Tomorrow was also published by Page Publications in Real Life Romances #48:

The cover is sourced from the last page:

Unfortunately my copy has a piece missing from the cover so the price is missing. However, given the cover is from the interior art, my guess is this is a $0.60 or $0.65 cover price edition.

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