Sunday, November 25, 2018

Newton Comics' Dracula #11: Dracula Lives!

Dracula Lives! was a Marvel Comics series which ran for 13 issues between 1973-75. Despite the title on the cover, this is Newton Comics' Dracula #11, published 27 December 1975. It is the only issue in the series to bear this title on the cover, even though some of the issues contained cover images and contents drawn from the Dracula Lives! series. The cover for this issue originally appeared on Marvel's Dracula Lives! #11. There was a shortlived Dracula Lives! series published in Australia by Yaffa a couple of years after the Newton Dracula series.

Dracula #11 is the first of the new 84-page $0.75 monthly editions, as announced in the letter column of this issue. As mentioned earlier, this schedule was to be thwarted for various reasons, resulting in only three more numbered issues in the series, published rather haphazardly over the next 8 months or so. (Two other Dracula issues were published by Newton in 1976 - an unnumbered issue, and a Giant 100 Page Annual, which would in part account for some of gaps... but I digress...). 

The contents are as follows:

Bloody Mary, originally published in Dracula Lives! #13, July 1975
Blood of My Blood!, originally published in Dracula Lives! #13, July 1975
Last Walk on the Night Side, originally published in Dracula Lives! #8, September 1974
And in That Sleep..!, originally published in Dracula Lives! #8, September 1974
Fear Stalker, originally published in Dracula Lives! #4, January 1974
This Blood Is Mine!, originally published in Dracula Lives! 4, January 1974

The poster included in this issue is a modified black and white print of the cover on Newton's Doctor Strange #7. The rest of the issue includes in-house advertisements, a competition and a letter column.

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