Sunday, November 25, 2018

Newton Comics' Dracula #12: Another Dracula Lives! connection

Newton Comics' Dracula #12 is cover-dated February 1976, and features a cover illustration which  originally appeared on the cover of Marvel's Vampire Tales #4:

A few years after Dracula #12 Page Publications published an Australian edition of Vampire Tales #4:

The contents of Dracula #12 are as follows:

The Lady Who Collected Dracula, originally published in Dracula Lives! #9, November 1974
Scarlet in Glory!, originally published in Dracula Lives! #9, November 1974
The Scars Of Dracula, originally published in Dracula Lives! #9, November 1974
A Night In The Unlife!, originally published in Dracula Lives #9, November 1974
Twice Dies The Vampire!, originally published in Dracula Lives #9, November 1974
Dracula A.D. 1972, originally published in Dracula Lives! #10, January 1975
The Blood Book, originally published in Dracula Lives! #10, January 1975
A Vampire Stalks Melrose Abbey, originally published in Dracula Lives! #10, January 1975

This issue also includes a colour poster of The Hulk based on the cover to Newton's The Incredible Hulk #13, and a number of in-house ads, a letter column and a contest.

On the one hand, Dracula #12 is directly related to the template set by Dracula Giant 100 Page Annual - it features a front cover based on a Vampire Tales issue, whilst the contents are an orderly albeit incomplete presentation from two consecutive issues of Dracula Lives!

On the other hand, continuity-wise, it is more closely related to Dracula #11 - The Lady Who Collected Dracula is Part 2 of Last Walk on the Night Side. Of course, there are as many stories from Dracula Lives! #8 in Dracula #13 as there are in Dracula #11... And in terms of continuity, the Dracula Annual precedes Dracula #11... Indeed all three issues could have been titled Dracula Lives!

Identifying the contents of Newton comics is one thing. Explaining the whys and wherefores is quite another.

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