Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Be Outta Town Before Noon, Kid! - or the Queen's English will getcha!

Be Outta Town Before Noon, Kid! is a 7-page Two-Gun Kid story originally published in Two Gun Kid #54:

This story was reprinted in The Mighty Marvel Western #14:

As the indexer of the GCD entry notes, the Two-Gun Kid was redrawn in this edition, adding his mask and outfit to reflect his contemporary appearance. To illustrate, compare the figure of the Two-Gun Kid in the original version to the redrawn masked version:

Two-Gun Kid #54

Mighty Marvel Western #14

I don't have copies of these two issues, but I do have copies of this story as reprinted in Australia by Page Publications in the 1970's. Here's scans of the complete story:

Clearly these pages are as per the original Atlas version. Except...The title of this story is : Be Out Of Town... The Queen's English, y'know...

For comparison, here's scans of the splash page in the Atlas and Marvel editions respectively:

The scans above of the Australian edition are from my copy of Gunslinger Western #4:

It was published earlier in Maverick Western Library #7:

All three Australian covers are by Keith Chatto, and they have nothing to do with Two-Gun Kid at all, which is fine by me. 

I'm sure there are other Page Publications digest-size editions of this issue to be unearthed, and there are possibly some regular-sized reprintings of this story, but I'm also curious whether there are pre-1971 Australian printings of this story in the various Transport/Horwitz series

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