Saturday, November 9, 2019

Tales of Terror Picture Library #7: Chatto on Promise of Death

Here's Keith Chatto's cover to Page Publications' Tales of Terror Picture Library #7:

This is based on a previous cover to Promise of Death. Here's a scan of the cover to Secret Service Club Library #41:

This issue was distributed in Australia with a $0.40 cover price. The GCD entry suggests this was a 1976 series. Both of these details place the publication date of Secret Service Club Library #41 well after Tales of Terror Picture Library #7.  It does appear an earlier edition of this issue was published, possibly by Med Publishing, or another UK publisher. 

It also appears this was the first Yaffa edition. I expect more will turn up.


Mark Muller said...

Sometimes I’m amazed at Chatto’s sloppiness - maybe it’s just because he was so darn busy all the time?

That Tales of Terror #7 composition is… odd. That poor onlooker appears to have his neck in the fist of the man punching. And… those too close and stubby streetlamps?

I reckon the original source of the Secret Service #41 would have been a photographic swipe especially because of the foreshortened left arm of the biffed bloke.

In Chatto’s version he (biffed bloke) looks like he has a deformed/shortened arm which Chatto could have ‘fixed’ with some shadowing to show depth.

So, all in all, it appears a rush-job by our old mate.

spiros xenos said...

I reckon you're on the money, Mark. That left arm stood out to me too. And good thinking on a possible photographic source. Let's see if an earlier source or version of the Secret Service cover turns up.