Thursday, November 14, 2019

Werewolf By Night #8: The Yaffa variant cover

This is the cover to Marvel Comics' Werewolf By Night #22:

The GCD listing credits John Romita with alterations on Werewolf's face.

Compare this image to the cover of Page Publications' Werewolf By Night #8:

As you can see there are distinct differences in some of the linework, prominently so on Atlas' eyes.

I'm guessing the Yaffa cover is a pre-production image which inadvertently leaked onto the Australian market. Or maybe the alterations are by Yaffa staffers. I'm not sure. If the pre-Romita art exists I'd love to see it to settle this query.

This issue was published late-1981 and reprints the main features from Werewolf By Night #'s 22-24. The splash page is omitted from this printing of Face of the Fiend.

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Mark Muller said...


“The Face of the Fiend!” Blurb was moved in the Yaffa version. The colouring again looks like it was done with a Texta pen, not traditional colour separations of the time.

Whether Yaffa did the alterations (probable), or Marvel sent a pre-production version (doubtful) is hard to know. However, Jack Russell’s already had the Romita modifications applied, so I find it hard to believe it is pre-production.

Maybe Yaffa were (rightly) concerned reproduction from whatever they were supplied - you can see they had difficulties with the crosshatching on Atlas’ arm and Jack’s green trousers where the ink work filled in on the Yaffa version. All of the lovely fine fur on Jack is lost and blotted in by the reproduction.

Atlas would have ended up a bloody, smudged mess if left unaltered. I dunno why they deleted the thick crosshatching on both Atlas’ wrist bands though.

Finally, the redrawn face is bloody amateurish. Atlas looks like he’s had a stroke with that droopy right eye retouch/redraw (even though the character DOES have a melted skin, droopy eye).