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Monsters Unleashed #2: The Newton edition

Newton Comics' Monsters Unleashed #2 is cover-dated February 1976:

The cover art is signed by Gray Morrow, however it differs significantly from the original cover on Marvel Comics' Monsters Unleashed #1:

The original painting is in the hands of a collector.

The Newton variant was subsequently published in Australia by Page Publications on the cover of Monsters Unleashed #1 (1978), which was itself reprinted as Monsters Unleashed #NN (1982):

The contents are as follows:

[A Tale of Two Monsters!], originally published in Monsters Unleashed #7, August 1974
The Monster in the Mist!, originally published in Astonishing #60, April 1957 [Monsters Unleashed #7] August 1974 
The Frankenstein Legend, originally published in Monsters Unleashed #7, August 1974 
Bleeding Stones, originally published in Monsters Unleashed #7, August 1974 
Madness Under a Mid-Summer Moon, originally published in Monsters Unleashed #7, August 1974
Blind Man's Bluff!, originally published in Monsters Unleashed #7, August 1974
Fever in the Freak House, originally published in Monsters Unleashed #8, October 1974 
The Jewel That Snarled At Slight Greed, originally published in Monsters Unleashed #9, December 1974 

The Frankenstein Legend is a text and photo article. Madness Under a Mid-Summer Moon is an illustrated prose story.

This printing of A Tale of Two Monsters! omits the title at the bottom of the first page:

The Hulk poster in this issue is relatively common, having appeared a few times in various issues, and hails from the cover of Newton Comics' The Incredible Hulk #10:

This issue includes the following in-house advertisements: 

Doctor Strange #10 

Rounding out this issue is a subscription page, two letters pages, a t-shirt offer and a contest with the expiry date 21 February 1976.

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