Friday, November 1, 2019

The Silver Surfer #3: The Newton edition

Newton Comics' The Silver Surfer #3 is cover-dated October 1975:

The cover is from Marvel Comics' The Silver Surfer #3:

The story contents are as follows:

The Power and the Prize! [Part 1], originally published in The Silver Surfer #3, December 1968 
Part Two Duel in the Depths, originally published in The Silver Surfer #3, December 1968

These stories appear to be reprinted complete and intact.

The poster in this issue features the cover to Newton Comics' Dracula #6:

This issue contains the following in-house advertisements for other Newton comics:

Fantastic Four Annual #1 

The Avengers #11

This issue also contains a subscription page, three Marvel Mailbag pages, a t-shirt offer and a contest with the expiry date 5 January 1975.

The publication date of this issue is confusing due to a couple of errors by Newton.

Firstly, the issue is cover-dated October 1975, but it should be November 1975. This was a monthly series which began in September 1975.

Secondly, the indicia contains an erroneous publication date:

On the third line it says Vol-1 -3 Dec 1975 issue. 

Another error made by Newton was advertising The Silver Surfer #4 as a November 1975 issue - but I'll address this in a separate post.

All other indicators - the established publication schedule, the advertisements in this issue, and John Corneille's column in the Sunday Observer dated 30 November 1975 (again, I'll address this column in a separate post) - point towards a 22 November 1975 publication date. 

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