Monday, November 4, 2019

The Silver Surfer #5: The Newton edition

Newton Comics' The Silver Surfer #5 is cover-dated January 1976:

The cover is from Marvel Comics' The Silver Surfer #5:

The story in this issue is ..And Who Shall Mourn For Him? from The Silver Surfer #5.

This issue includes a Spider-Man poster:

This is from the cover of Marvel Comics' The Amazing Spider-Man #130.

This issue includes the following in-house advertisements:

Doctor Strange #10 

Monsters Unleashed! #1 

The Deadly Hands of Kung Fu #1 

The Silver Surfer #5 was advertised in-house:

This ad is scanned from The Deadly Hands of Kung Fu #2.

This issue contains a t-shirt offer and a contest with the expiry date 21 February 1976.

The indicia states this is Vol-1 No.-5 Jan 1976 issue.

Ascribing a specific publication date to this issue is difficult given the flux in the Newton office in this period, the havoc this caused to publication schedules, and the resultant conflicting information issued regarding intended and actual publication dates. Having said that, this issue does indeed appear to have been published in January 1975 as per the cover date , and assuming the monthly schedule was maintained despite the troubled production in this period, then 24 January 1976 is a reasonable guesstimate to pencil into your database, pending further information.

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