Saturday, November 12, 2016

A gallery of recycled Gredown covers

Some time ago I posted a few samples of Gredown's recycled covers so I thought I'd bring them all together in a single gallery:

And a triple treat...:

Some of the images were recycled without any modification, but in most cases they were tweaked - close-ups, reversed images, filters. Occasionally the art was modified eg. the blood stain on Thirst of Blood, the figure omitted from Future Shock.

The pattern is quite clear - it's the $1.00 cover price issues which have the recycled covers, from the earlier Gredown comics. Occasionally they double-dipped on the $1.00 issues eg. Portrait of Peril/Wild Fear!, Curse of No Return/Eyes of Night.

It's also evident that they made some effort to source relevant images for the new issues. For example, the witch image on Spells of Darkness; the blind eyes on Blind Despair; the tombstones on Tombstone Terror. In the case of Edge of Fear, the source issue Ghosts of Terror #1 featured a story titled "Edge of Fear". 

There are more pairings to be added to this gallery and I'll do so as I come across them. There's at least two more I've spotted in the past which are eluding me at the moment, and I'm sure I'll identify even more in the fullness of time.

Regarding my sources and caveats I'll refer you to my notes on the Yaffa Digest Gallery.

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