Sunday, November 27, 2016

Yank me any way you want: Popular Yank Comics #74

Hey, kid - want some Super Yank Comics? Ace Yank Comics? Star Yank Comics? Howabout some Big Yank Comics? Or Famous Yank Comics? Or maybe just some Popular Yank Comics. Trust me, it's the real stuff...

You get the drift - Ayers and James Pty. Ltd. (and Frew, and likely others) flogging U.S reprints as the real deal in the 40's and 50's during the wartime embargo. You can read a bit more about this syndrome on Kevin's blog.

I happen to have a copy of one of these comics lurking in the Junkyard -  Popular Yank Comics #74:

This issue features two Doll Man reprints: "Crimetown, U.S.A.!", originally published in Feature Comics #130, January 1949; and "The Conjuror's Conscience!", originally published in Doll Man #26, January 1950. It also features 4 pages of Captain Easy strips, under the title of "Crazy Music".

The cover is a slightly modified reprint of the splash page to "Crimetown, U.S.A.!"

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