Wednesday, November 2, 2016

A triple shot: Badman Western Library #2; Gunfighter Library #6; Bullet Western Library #2

I don't own any of these Yaffa/Page issues, but in a circuitous route which I wont detail here, I've discovered that all three issues share the same contents.

Badman Western Library #2 dates from c.1971, Gunfighter Library #6 c.1972, and each feature a new Keith Chatto cover.

I'm not sure when Bullet Western Library #2 was published - the data on the pre-Marvel $0.60 cover price Yaffa/Page digests is still inconclusive to me. Maybe others have a firmer idea.

What does interest me is whether there were more editions of this issue published. Is there a $0.30 edition under a different title? Was Badman Western Library #2 the first time this pairing of stories was published in a single edition? Strange to say, but this intrigues me more than reading or owning these issues.

See below for sample pages sourced from Bullet Western Library #2.

Update 9/9/2018: I can confirm Bullet Western Library #1 is also a reprint of the above comics:

And so, the $0.30 cover price edition appears. More to come?

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