Monday, December 18, 2017

Chatto and Real Confessions

Here's yet another Keith Chatto cover for a Yaffa/Page romance digest comic - Real Romance Library #42/Real Confessions:

The story, Goddess of Love, was subsequently recycled by Yaffa/Page in the first issue of Romance & Love Library #1 under - you guessed it - another Chatto cover:

Goddess of Love may have been originally published in IPC's Love Story Picture Library #285, cover dated 2 May 1960.

Update: Goddess of Love was also published by Page Publications in Real Romance Library #48:

It also appeared in Joyful Love Stories #2:

Update 24/10/2018: Goddess of Love also appears in Confessions and Love Library #13:


Unknown said...

You might be interested that I've found two more printings of this story in Page comics with a Chatto cover: Real Romance Library #48 and Joyful Love Stories #2. Both will be up at AusReprints soon.

Also -- I'm doubtful that this is the same story as Love Story Picture Library #285. Page reprints don't normally come from IPC and the reprint story has a code that is either 'D/6' or 'D16'. That normally suggests a comic with a title starting with 'D'. I haven't identified an alternative suggestion, though.

Unknown said...

The source of Goddess of Love is Dream A Romance Picture Story #6 (MV Features).

spiros xenos said...

Thanks James. You're correct - I now see the D coding, which I missed the first time around. I wasn't sure about the IPC issue as the source, hence my hedging. Looking forward to seeing your listings of the other printings of this story - I'll add a link as an update to my post.