Monday, December 25, 2017

Daring Love Confessions Library #1: The Forgotten Years

Daring Love Confessions Library #1: The Forgotten Years looks like a Page Publications digest-sized romance comic, but isn't - it's a pulp novel.

Nevertheless the cover by Keith Chatto makes it suitable for filing alongside your other Australian digest-sized romance comics, and there's another issue in the series if you're a completist.

Update: This image was redrawn for Page Publications' Wonderful Love Stories #1:

The story Autumn of Desire had previously been published in Page Publications' Real Romance Library #43:

Autumn of Desire was originally published in MV Features' Dream A Romance Picture Story #14 in 1965.

Update 24/6/2018: Autumn of Desire was also published by Page Publications in Personal Romances #2:


Mark Muller said...

Why does the girl have a severed head sitting on her lap?

spiros xenos said...

Yeah - and the hand looks odd to, as if the image has been cropped.