Saturday, December 15, 2018

Doctor Strange: The complete Yaffa cover gallery

Here's a cover gallery of my complete run of Yaffa's Doctor Strange:

 Doctor Strange #1, c. November 1977

 Doctor Strange #2, June 1978

 Doctor Strange #3, June 1980

 Doctor Strange #4, August 1980

Doctor Strange #5, c. January 1981

 Doctor Strange #6, c.mid-1981

Doctor Strange #7, c.late-1981

The first four issues are regular-sized editions. As you can see, #1 is reprinted as #3 and #2 is reprinted as #4. 

The next three issues are digest-sized. #5 and #6 are 'short' editions, #7 is a 'tall' edition.

The dates I've attributed are based on my data to date. If the attribution is unqualified it is based on a newsagents' marking and should be accurate, certainly within a month, allowing for distribution variations; if it's qualified by a c. it should be accurate within a month or two either side; references to c.mid or c.late pretty much mean anything within a 3 or 4 month span. I will finetune and update the details as data comes to hand.

As per my Yaffa profile for Marvel editions I will not be surprised to find there is one more issue in this series, a 'tall' digest-sized $0.70 cover-priced edition, but I have not come across such an issue to date.

Page Publications issued more Doctor Strange comics after this series ended, retitled editions of this series, two of which can be found in my gallery of pairings of such issues.

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