Wednesday, December 26, 2018

The Marvel Collection #5

The Marvel Collection #5 is a softcover squarebound volume of rebound Marvel UK comics. 

My copy contains the following issues in the following sequence:

Star Wars Weekly #8, 29 March 1978
Star Wars Weekly #9, 5 April 1978
Star Wars Weekly #11, 19 April 1978
Star Wars Weekly #12, 26 April 1978
Super Spider-Man #268, 29 March 1978
Super Spider-Man #269, 5 April 1978
Super Spider-Man #270, 12 April 1978
Super Spider-Man #271, 19 April 1978

The issues are rebound with covers intact.

As we know about such volumes of rebound comics the contents vary in each issue. It's interesting that the two series included in this copy are not only neatly segmented and sequenced in order of publication, but they all hail from a one month period. This suggests the issues were purposefully sequenced, and that a similar volume was produced for the next month. 

That's just guesswork on my part. There is very little information about this series online. It is not listed on the GCD, and I have found two scant entries with minimal information - makes reference to the first three numbered volumes in the series, and Comic Vine lists the fourth volume.

I don't recall when or how this issue turned up in the junkyard but I'm glad it did. Longtime readers of this blog will be well aware of my fondness for such anthologies. Longtime readers of this blog will also have rather quickly diagnosed a new collecting obsession. From little things...

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