Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Iron Man Strikes

Iron Man Strikes is a digest-sized comic published by Page Publications c. February 1983. It is a retitled reprint of Page Publications' Iron Man #1

When I wrote my short profile of the Page Publications Iron Man series I did wonder aloud whether there were any more issues in the series, or retitled one-shots, but didn't really expect to see any. I love seeing comics I didn't know existed - as a collector it's probably the thing that excites me the most nowadays. This one certainly came out of the blue - I have operatives who keep me abreast of such things - and we here at the Junkyard couldn't be happier with our acquisition. Even if it's heavily creased, lightly stained and crudely defaced, it's a beauty! 

I've added it to my gallery of retitled reprints, as well as some other updates.

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