Monday, January 7, 2019

The Amazing Spider-Man #7: The Newton edition

Newton Comics' The Amazing Spider-Man #7 was published 30 August 1975:

The cover is originally from Marvel's The Amazing Spider-Man #8:

The story contents are as follows:

The Terrible Threat of "The Living Brain!", originally published in The Amazing Spider-Man #8, January 1964

Spider-Man Tackles The Torch!, originally published in The Amazing Spider-Man #8, January 1964

Spider-Man vs. The Chameleon!, originally published in The Amazing Spider-Man #1, March 1963

As expected, the splash page to the first story is cropped at the bottom in deference to the indicia:

Spider-Man vs. The Chameleon! is pulled into service for this issue, being a leftover from The Amazing Spider-Man #1. Of course it belongs in that issue if for no other reason than it is the cover story. A possible reason for its omission may be that the image of Spider-Man on the splash page was harvested for promotional purposes in that issue. Having said all that, the story fits neatly into this issue in terms of page count and in terms of relevance to the preceding story featuring the Human Torch.

Once again, the Thor backup feature is AWOL.

This issue contains a Doctor Strange poster:

This would shortly be the cover on Newton's Doctor Strange #4.

This issue was advertised in-house:

This advertisement is scanned from Newton's The Fantastic Four #5.

This issue includes in-house advertisements for other Newton issues: Dracula #2; The Avengers #4; Dr. Strange #1; and Conan the Barbarian #2.

The expiry date for the contest is 13 October 1975.

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