Friday, January 11, 2019

The Amazing Spider-Man #9: The Newton edition

Newton Comics' The Amazing Spider-Man #9 was published 27 September 1975:

The cover image is modified from a panel on page 23 of the opening story:

This was also used by Newton on a poster:

The story contents are as follows:

The Web And The Flame!, originally published in The Amazing Spider-Man Annual #4, November 1967

The Mighty Thor Faces the Menace of... The Demon Duplicators!, originally published in Journey into Mystery #95, August 1963

These two stories are both continued from the initial instalments in The Amazing Spider-Man #8.

The respective 'new splash pages' were necessarily modified:

In order to insert the title and advisory into the first panel, the second panel on the original page was sacrificed. Here's a scan of the original page, also in black and white, courtesy of  The Essential Spider-Man Volume 4:

The longform title for The Demon Duplicators is spread across the top of the first page of this instalment:

The panels on the bottom tier are cropped.

The poster in this issue is from the cover of The Fantastic Four #139:

This poster was also included in Planet of the Apes #3.

The swap card is Hulk Series A (1 of 15) No. 3.

This issue contains an in-house advertisement for The Silver Surfer #1 which is also announced in the letter column.

The expiry date for the contest is 10 November 1975.

The Human Torch appeared on the cover of five of the first nine issues in the series. More would follow.

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