Monday, October 28, 2019

Batman #35: The UK Nostalgia Comics facsimile edition

This is the cover to the UK edition of K.G. Murray's Batman #35:

Or rather, it's the cover to Nostalgia Comics' facsimile edition.

Nostalgia Comics was a chap named Bryan Whitworth. Bryan offered high quality reprints made to order for collectors to fill gaps in their collections. As I understand it, much of his material was copied from other collectors, and as he only printed them to order - or perhaps 2-3 copies only - he never held stock. 

Apparently his reprints are sought after in UK collectors circles as much as the originals. 

Apart from Batman I understand there are also facsimile editions of Captain Marvel/Family issues. 

I came across my copy some 10 years ago courtesy of another collector who I referred to as my UK correspondent on this blog on a number of occasions. The information above was given to me by him - I trust I haven't divulged information intended to be kept private.

I expect this issue was in demand in part for the contents, given it contains two classic silver age Batman stories: The Joker's Utility Belt! and The Return of Two-Face!.  

More information on the Australian and UK editions of this issue is available on Aus.Reprints.

At any rate, it's certainly one of the oddest items in the junkyard, and one I'm quite fond of.

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