Thursday, October 24, 2019

Frankenstein: The complete Yaffa cover gallery

Here's a cover gallery of my complete run of Page Publications' Frankenstein series:

 The Monster of Frankenstein #1, c.February 1978

 The Frankenstein Monster #2, 1979

 The Frankenstein Monster #3, c.August 1980

 The Frankenstein Monster #4, c.March 1981

 The Frankenstein Monster #5, c.September 1981

 The Frankenstein Monster #6, 1982

The Monster of Frankenstein #NN, c.1982

The first issue is regular-sized, the rest are digest-sized issues - #'s 6 and 7 being the 'tall' digest issues. The unnumbered issue is a digest-sized reprint of the first issue.

As per the Marvel series the Yaffa series begins with the title The Monster of Frankenstein before settling into The Frankenstein Monster for the duration of the run.

The complete Marvel series is reprinted in the six Yaffa issues.

The Frankenstein Monster #3 was subsequently recycled and retitled Fiendish Frankenstein. Presumably there was a recycled retitled reprint of The Frankenstein Monster #2. TBA.


Robert Thomas said...

Wow terrific Frankenstein gallery. I've never even seen these before!

spiros xenos said...

Thanks Robert. It's a nifty little batch for sure.