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Planet of the Apes #8: The Newton edition

By my reckoning Newton Comics' Planet of the Apes was published 20 September 1975. The front cover originally appeared on Marvel Comics' Planet of the Apes #8

The contents are as follows:

[Planet of the Apes: Into the Forbidden Zone] The Secret Of The Apes!!, originally published in Planet of the Apes #5, February 1975

The first 9 pages of Planet of the Apes: Into the Forbidden Zone were published in Newton's Planet of the Apes #7.  The chapter continues in this issue. Page 62 from Marvel's Planet of the Apes #5 should be the first page in this segment of the chapter, but it is omitted. It begins with Page 63:

The top tier and first panel of the second tier are dedicated title panels. The title The Secret of the Apes!! is a Newton contrivance, with two exclamation marks for effect. The next chapter is titled the Secret, so Newton decided to retitle it The Secret Part 2, and Voila! a new title is born. 

It gets even worse.

This whole page is a Newton contrivance. The second panel on the second tier - the first story panel - is the first panel on page 63 of the original issue, and the next panel is the second panel on page 64 of the original issue - all the other panels in between are omitted. Furthermore, the bottom tier is cropped, and the text box "...and begin our descent on foot." has been allocated to the top of the panel whereas it is at the bottom of the panel on the original page. I daresay this page represents the most drastic butchery of all the Newton reprints of Planet of the Apes, and there have been plenty.

 [Planet of the Apes Chapter 6: The Secret] The Secret Part 2, originally published in Planet of the Apes #6, March 1975

This chapter begins thus:

The Part 2 box takes the spot reserved for a text box in the original issue. The rest of the chapter is reprinted intact. Except, of course, for the climactic double-page spread with the Statue of Liberty on the beach - you have to turn the page to see the right hand side of the picture. A final indignity to a wretched reprint program. I can't even muster the energy to scan it for your edification. Sigh.

The poster in this issue is drawn from the cover of Newton's Doctor Strange #2, and the swap card is Spiderman (sic) Series A No. 2:

I say the poster is drawn from Doctor Strange #2, but the cropped Now On Sale stamp on the bottom right hand corner suggests it may have been sourced from an advertisement. Which doesn't explain why Doctor Strange is suddenly The Amazing... (I note Doctor Strange #2 was advertised as Now Out Fortnightly in The Amazing Spider-Man #8, and whilst that advertisement is a pre-production image, it doesn't include the same Now On Sale stamp... but I'll deal with Doctor Strange #2 in detail in a later post).

There are no in-house advertisements for other titles in this issue. The Swap Cards Cometh ad takes pride of place on the inner front cover, and the Toltoys contest expires 3 November 1975.

It appears to me this issue was scheduled for publication 13 September 1975 but was delayed by a week to 20 September 1975.

This issue was advertised in-house in other issues such as The Incredible Hulk #7 and Hulk King Size Annual #1:

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