Sunday, May 6, 2007

Bumper Batcomic # 1

I’ve recently discussed the changes in the Giant Batman Album series circa 1975/76, and listed the 7 issues which followed Tip Top Comic Monthly #127 as Batman #’s 128-134. There is more I’d like to say about the K.G. Murray Batman comics of this period, but before I go further it’s necessary to also throw another Batman series from this period into the mix. So, as part of the review I’ll present a few of the Bumper Batcomic issues over the next few days, which will allow me to cover this period with reference to specific issues (and also give me a bit of time to get over this flu/cold thing which is still clinging after a few days... bet you really needed that information...)

Bumper Batcomic #1, September 1976
Cover artist: Jim Aparo

Batman and Man-Bat: Bring Back Killer KragBob Haney/Jim Aparo
(The Brave and the Bold #119, June 1975)

The First HurdleJoe Simon/Joe Samachson/Creig Flessel
(Champion Sports #1, October-November 1973)

Batman and Green Lantern: The Tick-Tock Traps of the Time CommanderBob Haney/Ramona Fradon
The Brave and the Bold #59, April-May 1965

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