Saturday, May 26, 2007

Horror Encounters # 1

Horror Encounters #1

The Tree
Manuel Gamez/Mauvais
(The Illustrated, Editorial Vilmar, Barcelona)

Monster Mill
(Haunted Thrills #6, 1952, Ajax Farrell)

The Reign of Terror
Ralph Alfonso/Carlos Pino


The End of the Line!

The Village of the Dead

One of the Family
Don Glut/Carlos Pino

The End

Ralph Alfonso/Carlos Pino

I don’t recall indexing this issue. The details may have been sent to me by someone somewhere along the line, or I may have made quick notes myself before parting with a copy of this issue. I’m not sure. It’s mainly sketchy title and credits information, and that’s pretty much what you get from the magazine itself.

It’s a bit like when you’re browsing in a record shop and you pick up an album, and you check out the cover, and you’re thinking should I buy it or not, and you turn to the back cover to check out it further, to see whether any of the details will tip you over the edge to buy it. So this might have been one I played once and then traded. But like many albums in the past, I bet next time I see a copy, I’ll buy it once again and think How on earth did I not appreciate this the first time around?!.


Ralph Alfonso said...

wow. if anyone has this comic and is willing to sell and/or photocopy it for me, that would be amazing. It seems to have stories i wrote for Red Circle Comics that were sold to other mags when that folded and I have never seen these.

thank you.

Ralph Alfonso

spiros xenos said...

Nice to hear from you Ralph! And now I really regret not having a copy handy. I'll see what I can do about scrounging up some photocopies for you. As I said in the post, either I sold this issue to someone, or someone sent me the info, so either way, there's a copy within a couple degrees of separation. And maybe you could fill us in on the background to these stories in due course.

This is the second instance in which an artist has contacted the junkyard surprised to find their work has been re/printed when it was thought to have remained unpublished due to a publisher folding (see entry on Maze of Monsters).

Ralph Alfonso said...

thanks!!! i will trade cds from my Bongo Beat record label.


Ralph Alfonso said...

i have since bought a copy on ebay! I finally got to see these stories. whew!